Find Themes

2-40 people

After downloading your learnings and sharing inspiring stories, it's time to identify themes. Take a thorough look at your interviews, analogous inspiration, and other learnings. Are there any recurring patterns or compelling insights? Do the people you're designing for face consistent problems? What stands out as significant or surprising? Keep in mind that these themes may evolve, so continue to search for them and decipher their meaning as you move through the Ideation phase.

Workshop steps


Assemble your team near the Post-its. Shift the most captivating, shared, and motivating quotes, stories, or concepts to a fresh board and organize them into groups.


Search for connections and patterns among your categories, and rearrange the Post-its while grouping them. Aim to discover essential Themes and convert them into design opportunities.


Organize and reorganize the Post-its, engage in discussions, debates, and conversations about the emerging ideas. Continue until everyone agrees that the grouped ideas present valuable design opportunities.


Determine these themes to assist you in developing frameworks and composing design principles.

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