Feedback: Start, Stop, Continue

2-40 people

For groups or teams that are mature and have experience working together, this exercise is designed to enhance their ability to give and receive feedback. Constructive relationships and thriving teams rely heavily on regular, effective feedback. Trust is built through openness, and vice versa. The goal of feedback is to foster trust and openness within the group, while also helping individuals gain self-awareness and insight. It's important to approach feedback with thoughtfulness and a keen awareness of group dynamics. This exercise can be conducted in person or online.

Workshop steps


Form a compact team or divide a bigger group into smaller units of about 4 to 6 members. For online sessions: utilize breakout rooms. This activity is suitable for experienced teams. Participants should have a substantial history of collaboration and a variety of common experiences to refer to while providing feedback. For less experienced or newer groups, opt for a feedback exercise such as Current Strongest Impression or I Appreciate.


Follow these steps to provide effective feedback to someone: 1. Think about the person you want to address and write their name down. 2. Reflect on the three prompts (Start, Stop, Continue) and your intentions before writing. 3. Complete the sentences below for that person: To (name), I would like you to: - START doing... - STOP doing... - CONTINUE doing... 4. Sign the message with your name. For online feedback: - Use virtual sticky notes, chat functions, or any other method to exchange feedback on an online platform.


For every small group, every member should finish the given sentences on individual sticky notes for each person in the group. After everyone has written their feedback, they should take turns sharing it verbally and passing the sticky note to the recipient. If you're online, use virtual sticky notes, chat features, or find a method to share feedback through the online platform.


Alternative Instructions: - To (name), I observed that you could: BEGIN by... CEASE from... KEEP on... Signed (your name) - You can opt to conduct this activity in the sequence of: Stop, Start, Continue.

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