Feedback Map

2-40 people

In order to help participants give clear and specific feedback, particularly after working in multiple project teams for an extended period, this exercise focuses on mapping connections between team members and using specific points of interaction to prompt feedback.

Workshop steps


Begin the activity by presenting the exercise to the group. Clarify that the main goal is to help team members provide more precise and impactful feedback to one another by creating a visual representation of their connections.


Using a whiteboard, digital whiteboard, or large paper on the wall, jot down the names of all team members. Ensure they are spread out with ample space in between each name.


Talk to your team about an appropriate duration for this activity (for example, 3, 6, or 9 months), considering factors like how long the team has been together and when they last received feedback. After reaching a decision, write the chosen timeframe at the top of the whiteboard or paper.


Begin by having team members create a map of their connections with one another. Each person should draw lines linking themselves to colleagues they've collaborated with during the specified timeframe, using a brief description to summarize their interactions or projects. For instance, Erik connects his name to Robin's and writes "Re-branding Project" on the line. Encourage everyone to establish as many connections as they can with fellow team members.


Keep going until the map is filled with connections. Instruct participants to highlight three particular interaction points they want to discuss through feedback.


After all team members have selected their interaction points, conduct a session using a suitable feedback approach. Team members can provide verbal or written feedback, but remember to always request and offer it, share it with the aim of helping others minimize blind spots and grow, speak from your personal viewpoint (e.g., "I notice" instead of "We notice"), assume positive intentions, and accept it with humility and maturity - a willingness to comprehend.


After everyone provides their feedback, gather the group for a brief discussion to reflect on their feelings about the exercise's outcome.

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