Feedback Hats

2-40 people

The book "Six Thinking Hats" by Edward de Bono introduces a technique for both individual and group thinking that involves six colored hats. This approach, along with the concept of "parallel thinking," enables groups to examine ideas from various perspectives. The thinking hats also serve as a useful tool for providing constructive peer feedback on concepts and proposals. During feedback sessions, team members offer their input on ideas or ongoing projects from the viewpoint of one of de Bono's thinking hats.

Workshop steps


The six hats by Edward De Bono symbolize various ways of thinking and working. In this activity, participants will utilize these hats to provide feedback on ideas or ongoing projects. You can discover extensive information through the reference section links, but briefly, De Bono's 6 Hats signify: - Information and facts (White) - Brightness and optimism (Yellow) - Judgement and cynicism (Black) - Feelings, hunches, and intuition (Red) - Creativity and possibility (Green) - Process and control (Blue) Additionally, we find these hats helpful: - Money: Assess the business potential and opportunities of the ideas - Innovation: Evaluate the uniqueness and usefulness of the ideas - Value: Determine the significance of the ideas for the betterment of the world


During a workshop, organize participants into teams or let them work individually to share their ideas or concepts with one another. Prior to each presentation, distribute various hats (actual hats, stickers, or sheets of paper) to the audience members, making sure they relate to the session's content and objective. Each person wearing a hat should view the presentation from the perspective of their assigned hat. After the presentation, encourage those wearing hats to provide feedback.


Following every presentation, rotate the hats among the group members, allowing each person to practice providing feedback from various perspectives.

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