Feedback: Appreciation Mingle

2-40 people

The Appreciation Mingle is a group activity where each member expresses appreciation towards every other member. Typically done as a concluding exercise, its purpose is to foster connections, generate positivity, and establish a team spirit.

Workshop steps


Gather everyone in a circle and have each person write a note to every other member in the group. You can change the format as needed. For a closure activity, try using: "What I appreciate the most about you..." and "My challenge to you going forward is..." Make sure everyone stays in the circle so they can see and remember to write for each person.


Pay attention to how long participants take to write. Keep in mind that some may need more time than others. Remind everyone not to write too much. Observe if certain participants are writing a lot on each note and recommend that they briefly summarize and share the rest verbally.


When the majority of participants have completed writing their notes, encourage them to interact and share their messages. They should convey the information individually and verbally, while also handing over the post-it note.


After completing the Appreciation Mingle, gather the entire group in a circle and swiftly conclude the activity or conduct a check-out.

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