Extremes and Mainstreams

2-40 people

To ensure comprehensive research, consider interviewing individuals from both the mainstream and the extremes of the spectrum. Solutions that cater to the needs of extreme users are likely to be effective for the majority. Neglecting the needs of those on the fringes can hinder the development of solutions that work for everyone. Additionally, conversing with extreme users can inspire creativity by presenting unique use cases, innovative hacks, and design possibilities that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Workshop steps


Consider the various individuals who could potentially utilize your solution. Extreme users may exist on numerous spectrums, so aim for diversity. Perhaps engage with someone living alone and another living with a large extended family. Consider discussing with both elderly and children. Each perspective can inspire fresh ideas and thoughts.


When conversing with an extreme, inquire about their potential use of your solution. Also, ask if they currently utilize a similar solution and how it meets or fails to meet their requirements.


Choose suitable community members to assist in organizing meetings and individual interviews. Ensure you're engaging with both men and women. You may even encounter an extreme user in a different setting and wish to converse with them there.


During the interview, be mindful of any extreme sensitivities they may have. As they might frequently be excluded from such conversations, ensure they feel included and emphasize the importance of their input for your research.

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