Explore your Values

2-40 people

The "Your Values" exercise prompts participants to identify their core values in an intuitive and efficient manner, encouraging them to trust their instincts rather than over-analyzing and seeking the "right" answers. This exercise is an effective tool for initiating personal reflection and dialogue about individual values.

Workshop steps


Distribute post-it notes to every participant.


Request them to list the top ten values they cherish in their life, using one post-it for each value. Instead of mentioning a specific person, write down values like "friendship," "family," or "honesty" that represent what they appreciate in their relationship with that individual.


Once everyone has their ten post-its, instruct the participants to lay them out in front of themselves for a clear view and better understanding.


Instruct the participants to quickly choose the three least important post-its within 30 seconds and discard them. Stick to the time limit strictly and encourage them to rely on their instincts.


Perform the previous step again, but this time allow them 20 seconds to discard two additional items.


Lastly, perform the previous step once more, allowing them 20 seconds to discard two additional post-its. They should now possess three post-its representing their top three values.


Allow the participants 15 minutes for individual reflection, followed by 30 minutes for paired or small group discussions on the questions below: 1. How do I feel about the values I identified? Were they expected or surprising? 2. How do these values manifest in my daily life? 3. What actions am I currently taking to uphold these values? 4. What additional actions would I like to take to live by these values? Afterward, participants can create an action plan incorporating everyday actions to promote a more holistic lifestyle and work environment.

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