Explore Your Hunch

2-40 people

The process of human-centered design is naturally intuitive. While the methodology involves generating novel ideas, it is important to have the freedom to pursue a gut feeling. This could be an idea that was present prior to the project or one that emerged during the process. There are numerous ways to validate your intuition, and you are bound to gain insights from doing so.

Workshop steps


Numerous methods exist for investigating your intuition. Consider conducting a rapid brainstorming session, creating a prototype, or discussing your concept with a specialist in an expert interview.


Begin by expressing your intuition to your team members and gather their opinions. There's a possibility that one of them shares a similar perspective.


Next, figure out the most effective method to investigate the concept. What information do you need to discover and comprehend to confirm or debunk your idea?


Keep in mind that even if your intuition is incorrect, numerous lessons can be gained. Ensure that you remain receptive to these learnings and record them throughout the process.

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