Explore Scalability

2-40 people

After some time in the market, you may be considering growth or scaling for your solution. Growth involves investing more resources to increase customer reach or outcomes, while scaling implies exponential gains with just incremental investment. To successfully scale, alignment with stakeholders on goals and necessary steps is crucial. Although scaling is a complex and long-term effort, tools can aid in identifying initial obstacles.

Workshop steps


Begin by thoroughly examining your current solution. Make sure to review the essential metrics and customer feedback obtained from your Monitor and Evaluate activity, along with your Roadmap for Success activity. Also, collaborate with crucial team members, ranging from frontline operations to finance.


Complete the 'Current Conditions' section in the Exploring Scalability worksheet by examining your solution's desirability, feasibility, viability, and impact. Identify any areas that need immediate improvement.


First, allocate time to outline your knowledge about the possible conditions for scaling. Consider the target market and its users, potential distribution channels or partners, and potential investors or funders. This process will involve conducting secondary research, consulting with key stakeholders, and most likely, carrying out field research with new users.


Begin by completing the 'Potential Scale Conditions' worksheet prompts to explore the areas that require enhancements or adjustments for successful scaling.


While completing the worksheet prompts, begin to comprehend your solution's scalability in its current state and identify areas requiring optimization and adaptation through further research, prototyping, and iteration.

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