Expert Interview

2-40 people

While the primary focus of the Inspiration phase is to communicate with the individuals you are designing for, it is also beneficial to seek insight from experts. Experts can provide a comprehensive understanding of your project area, including recent advancements, both successful and unsuccessful, and the viewpoints of institutions such as banks, governments, or NGOs. Additionally, experts can offer specialized technical guidance.

Workshop steps


Identify the type of specialist required for your field. For agriculture, consider an agronomist. For reproductive health, a doctor or policymaker might be suitable.


While hiring your specialists, provide a glimpse of the questions you'll be posing and inform them about the time commitment required.


Select experts who have diverse perspectives. Avoid repetitive opinions.


Inquire intelligently with well-researched questions. Be prepared with a learning objective in mind, but maintain a flexible approach to explore unforeseen topics of interest.


Capture your interview using any available tools. A pen and paper are perfectly suitable.

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