Draw It

2-40 people

Drawing is an effective method to gain insights from the people you are designing for. Whether it's you or them holding the pen, a quick sketch, graph, or timeline can help overcome language barriers and document your research. Drawing can also assist the person you are designing for in visually organizing their thoughts and sparking new ideas and discussions. For instance, you can ask them to draw their weekly expenses, job history, or commute route. It's important to note that you don't have to be a skilled artist to utilize drawing as a valuable tool.

Workshop steps


Ensure you have a pen and paper ready when conversing with the individuals you're designing for. A torn sheet from your notebook is perfect.


When asking the person you're designing for to create a drawing, provide a clear concept of your expectations. Request a map of their daily route, a timeline of their yearly earnings, or the proportion of their fields allocated to a specific crop.


The individual you're designing for might be scared or believe they're not a skilled artist. Assist them in overcoming this fear. Alternatively, take the initiative to draw first, so they don't feel ashamed.


Utilize the drawings as discussion starters. Apply this technique to gain a better insight into the person you're designing for by examining their artwork.

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