Download Your Learnings

2-40 people

Developing frameworks is essential to consolidate insights from research and simplify the often intricate information. Once you have gathered your learnings, it can be overwhelming to make sense of it all. Frameworks such as 2x2s, ecosystem maps, or customer journeys enable you to identify patterns, comprehend the viewpoints of your target audience, and deconstruct the context of your project.

Workshop steps


Alternate Downloads. Begin by eliminating other distractions and forming a circle.


When it's your turn, write down the essential details you want to share on Post-it notes. Use these notes to guide you as you discuss the people you met, the things you observed, the information you collected, and your overall thoughts on the experience.


Group the Post-its as you place them on the wall or board, creating a visual record of your conversation.


During others' turns, stay focused and attentive. Don't hesitate to inquire for clarification if needed.


It is ideal to perform this process on the day of an interview or following a day in the field. Ensure to download while your experiences and perceptions are still fresh.

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