2-40 people

Dotmocracy is a straightforward approach to group decision-making and prioritization. It is not a standalone activity, but rather a tool to be utilized in situations where decision-making or prioritization is the objective. This method enables a group to efficiently identify the most popular or pertinent options. The ideas or options are jotted down on post-its and displayed on a wall for the entire group to view. Each individual casts their vote for the options they deem the most robust, and this data is utilized to make an informed decision.

Workshop steps


Use this approach when you have multiple ideas to evaluate or prioritize in a group setting. To make decision-making easier and faster, follow these steps: 1. Write each idea/option on a separate post-it and stick them on a wall. 2. As a group, group similar ideas together and eliminate duplicates to reduce the number of options. 3. Ensure everyone in the group understands all the options by reviewing them together and asking for clarification if needed.


Now, the group will cast their votes on the preferred options by placing dots on the post-its using a marker. Each member receives 5 dots to vote (or fewer if there are fewer options). You can distribute these dots in any manner: one dot for five separate ideas, all five dots for a single idea, and so on.


After everyone has placed their dots, the group can move forward in several ways: 1. Select the option(s) with the highest number of dots. 2. Engage in a discussion about the priorities, examining which ideas received more or fewer dots and determining the next steps. 3. Arrange the ideas in order from most to least dots, and then debate their respective advantages.

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