Dinner Challenge

2-40 people

This activity delves into group dynamics, team-building, and creative problem-solving while also providing a fun experience. The challenge is for a team of any size to prepare a dinner for themselves and their peers with limited resources and time. It's an excellent exercise for new teams to bond and for experienced teams to develop further.

Workshop steps


This activity is suitable for a relatively new group, but can also be adapted for any group. In the mid-afternoon of the selected day, inform the group that they will be participating in a team challenge. Their task is to organize a dinner party for that evening, with the following requirements: 1. Ensure dinner is sufficient for everyone 2. Accommodate all dietary needs of participants 3. Decorate the space 4. Provide music and entertainment 5. Include any random items (if applicable) 6. Document the entire process Allocate 2-4 hours for the task, depending on what you, as facilitators, deem appropriate. You may also assign a theme for the dinner, either chosen by you or the group. Provide the participants with a picnic basket containing: 1. Their budget in cash 2. Optional random objects or food items to be used 3. A printed copy of their task instructions


Inform the participants about the dinner starting time (2-4 hours later) and then release them. Stay in the area for the initial 30 minutes to address any particular inquiries they may have regarding the do's and don'ts. Before dinner, you and any other facilitator/leaders should purchase flowers or a bottle of wine to present at the dinner.


Let the participants take charge of the dinner and celebration as a separate event. You and the other facilitator/leaders can join as dinner guests. Offer a brief toast during the event, praising the group for their efforts. Save the reflection and evaluation of the task for the next day.


At the beginning of the next day, start by discussing the activity and analyzing the group's collaboration. Have them think about the following questions individually, and then share their thoughts with the entire group: - What occurred during the task? - How well did we function as a group? - What emotions did the experience evoke in me? - How did I act, respond, or react? - What self-discoveries did I make? - What did I learn about group dynamics? - How can I utilize the insights gained from this activity?

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