Determine What to Prototype

2-40 people

In order to prepare for testing, this exercise will assist you and your team in evaluating all of your ideas and selecting a specific set. It is important to identify the key components that need to be tested and determine what information needs to be gathered. To simplify this process, it is recommended to have a comprehensive customer journey map that encompasses all aspects of the user's experience. Ensure that you have this map before beginning the activity.

Workshop steps


Begin by outlining the crucial moments in your user journey, along with any necessary changes or enhancements. Utilize the Prototype Mapping worksheet to assist you in this task.


Now, proceed by matching each of your ideas with the related changes in the user journey. Keep in mind that you may have multiple ideas for each stage. Also, ensure that your ideas are well-distributed throughout the journey and avoid concentrating solely on a specific change at this point.


It's time to make strategic choices on what to test. Discuss these questions with your team to decide: What are the most critical moments/changes in your journey that need to be addressed? Which ideas are so thrilling that they must be tested in a real-life situation? Where are your largest uncertainties? Focus more on prototyping those concepts.


The last step involves strategically determining the elements of each idea you need to examine. You may be attempting to discover something like, "Will this be attractive to both boys and girls?" or "Are images or words more effective in communicating a message to this audience?". Jot these down, as they are your learning objectives and will be crucial when you proceed to Build & Run Prototypes.

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