Define Your Indicators

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To gauge the effectiveness of an intervention, it is crucial to monitor progress over a period of time. Indicators serve as the data points that need to be tracked, and they can be either quantitative or qualitative, depending on the aspect being measured. A combination of indicators is necessary to measure the implementation of the intervention and the progress towards achieving short, medium, and long-term outcomes. Here are some guidelines for establishing significant and measurable indicators for your solution.

Workshop steps


Use the Logic Model you created previously as a helpful guide, since it serves as a blueprint for determining indicators. Consider what aspects of the solution you need to understand or demonstrate. This will help you decide what to measure.


Begin by identifying your Process Indicators, which will address the question, "Is my solution being executed according to plan?" Focus on measuring aspects at the Input and Output stages of your Logic Model, including resources, activities, and user engagement. Create a list of the inputs and outputs you wish to monitor.


The next group of indicators to focus on are the Outcome Indicators, which assist in determining if your solution is reaching its objectives. These indicators measure aspects found at the Outcome level of your Logic Model, like changes in knowledge or actions. Create a list of the outcomes you wish to monitor.


It's time to be more accurate. Utilize the Indicators Mad Libs worksheet to create clear, quantifiable, and time-limited indicators for your inputs, outputs, and outcomes. Think about what you can genuinely monitor - qualitative narratives from the individuals you're designing for can be highly impactful, particularly when capturing solid figures isn't feasible or suitable.


Review your mad libs and select a feasible set to prioritize. Ensure it contains indicators for any targets your funder needs you to report. Incorporate these into your Monitor and Evaluate activity, then proceed to the next phase of your measurement plan.

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