Current Strongest Impression

2-40 people

Building constructive relationships and thriving teams requires a key ingredient: openness. When individuals are open, trust is established, and this trust leads to even more openness. The purpose of this exercise is to foster trust and openness within groups, while also promoting self-awareness and insight among individuals. It is important to approach this exercise with careful consideration and a keen understanding of group dynamics.

Workshop steps


The goal of this activity is to foster a strong bond where individuals naturally take pleasure in supporting each other's well-being. Form a small team or divide a bigger group into smaller units of about 4 to 6 members. Ensure that the groups have some prior experience collaborating, as this will serve as a foundation for deepening their relationships.


Follow these steps: 1. Write down the name of the person you're addressing. 2. Fill in the blanks for these two sentences: a. "So far, my strongest impression of you is..." b. "I'm curious about..." 3. Sign the message with your name. Example: "To John: My strongest impression of you up to this point is... Something I am curious about is... Signed, Jane." For online interactions, use virtual sticky notes and choose a method to share them with each other on the platform you're using.


For every small group, each member should finish the given sentences using one sticky note per person in the group. After everyone has written their notes, they should take turns sharing their message verbally and then hand over the post-it note to the intended recipient. If you're working online, use virtual sticky notes and determine the best way to exchange them through your chosen platform.

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