Create Insight Statements

2-40 people

Insight Statements are concise expressions of the most significant discoveries or "aha" moments that arise from your research. Once you have gathered your findings and identified the main themes, crafting insight statements can guide your next steps. These statements will assist in framing How Might We questions and provide structure for future brainstorming sessions. Although it may require some effort to create them, narrowing down to three to five key insights will aid in driving towards solutions.

Workshop steps


Identify the themes from the Find Themes activity and display them on a wall or board.


Select a theme and rephrase it into a concise statement. Focus on converting the theme into a core insight from your research, without seeking a solution. Utilize the Insights Checklist worksheet to create a robust insight statement.


After completing this process for all themes, prioritize your insights. Review your initial Design Challenge, key outcome goal(s), significant ecosystem shifts, and constraints. Filter your insight statements, removing any unrelated to your challenge. Consider if there are any gaps and re-examine your themes if necessary. Aim to have 3 to 5 insight statements.


Make a final attempt to polish your insights by revisiting your checklist. Ensure they communicate a fresh viewpoint or opportunity. Invite an outsider to review your insight statements and gauge their impact.


Your insights significantly influence your prototypes and the entire design process. Utilize them to formulate "How Might We" questions and revisit them when deciding what to prototype.

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