Create Frameworks

2-40 people

Developing frameworks is essential to consolidate insights from research and simplify the often intricate information. Once you have gathered your learnings, it can be overwhelming to make sense of it all. Frameworks such as 2x2s, ecosystem maps, or customer journeys enable you to identify patterns, comprehend the viewpoints of your target audience, and deconstruct the context of your project.

Workshop steps


While sharing inspiring stories, pay attention to moments when the topic appears to connect with a broader system or seems related to something else you've heard or seen.


Begin by identifying emerging patterns and sketch them out. Start with basic structures such as Venn diagrams or two-by-two matrices. Utilize these straightforward diagrams to simultaneously map multiple forces at play.


As you learn about increasingly complex systems and consider your own designs, your frameworks will also evolve. For instance, you may find a Journey Map useful, which outlines the process from initially discovering your product to testing it and recommending it to others. Eventually, a Theory of Change can assist you in applying your knowledge to explain how specific ideas or approaches may contribute to achieving a desired transformation.


Continue improving your frameworks during the Ideation Phase. It's normal for them to change, and that's fine. Frameworks are designed to assist you in visualizing your system, not to perfectly capture it on the first attempt.

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