Create a Concept

2-40 people

Up until now, you have generated, exchanged, and dismissed numerous ideas. After organizing them through Bundling Your Ideas, it's time to transform them into a Concept. A Concept is a refined and comprehensive version of an idea. It's more advanced and requires testing with the target audience. It's also beginning to resemble a solution to your How Might We inquiry. This is the pivotal moment where you shift from identifying the problem to proposing a solution, and it sets the tone for everything that follows.

Workshop steps


Gather the concepts from "Bundle Your Ideas" and display them on the wall using Post-it notes.


Consider creating frameworks from your bundled ideas now. Begin to envision the direction of your bundles, focusing particularly on transforming them into a system.


Don't stress over every detail of your solution at this stage – a perfect funding strategy isn't necessary right now. Focus on developing a strong, adaptable concept that tackles the issue you're addressing.


Continuously revisit your "How Might We" question. Ensure it's being answered. Identify any missing elements in your solution. Consider additional aspects to develop an excellent solution.


Similar to other aspects of human-centered design, this process involves some experimentation. When developing a concept, it's normal to create a few that don't succeed. Don't worry, as you progress into Rapid Prototyping, you'll start to refine and narrow down your ideas.

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