Count Up

10-40 people

During this brief activity, a team is required to count up to a specific number, alternating turns in a random sequence, while ensuring that no two individuals speak simultaneously. Although the task is straightforward, it necessitates concentration, composure, and attentiveness to accomplish. This exercise is an excellent method to cultivate a serene and focused group dynamic.

Workshop steps


Form a tight circle with the group, closing your eyes. Alternatively, spread out in a room, choosing to stand, sit, or lie down.


Clarify the guidelines: Aim to reach the number 20 (or the total number of group members.) Each individual can only say one number at a time. If two members speak simultaneously, even briefly, the count must restart from 1. The group achieves success once they've counted up to the predetermined number.


Revise the text to maintain the structure, while making it straightforward and easy to follow.

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