Conversation Capture

2-40 people

Not only is observing others crucial in shaping our own identities, but it can also ignite our creativity. This activity was inspired by Russell Davies' blog post and is ideal for improving both listening and observation skills, as well as transforming them into a daily documentary-style output. However, it's important to approach this activity with sensitivity towards the subjects being observed, as cautioned by Davies.

Workshop steps


Visit a coffee shop or cafe for an hour. Choose a location that's not overly busy, allowing you to overhear a nearby conversation. For a more adventurous experience, try a place that's outside your typical preferences (apologies for the pun).


Pay attention to the discussions of others. Observe their speaking styles and worries. Jot down your findings discreetly, without drawing attention. Avoid pushing it or actively seeking out conversations; simply enjoy those that naturally occur around you.


When working with your team, convert your notes into an easy-to-understand presentation. Utilize the information you've gathered as a chance to train your team on this straightforward Human Centric Design tool. Pay attention to other people's conversations and observe their statements and interpretations. Consider transforming the needs expressed in these conversations into innovative ideas and solutions. Click here to view a larger image.


Contemplate Allocate time to ponder on the outcomes. Consider these contemplation prompts (and create your own): What do you observe? What do you feel? What's developing? What should we cease doing? What should we initiate doing? By what deadline? Anything else?

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