Conflict Responses

2-40 people

A team workshop aimed at reflecting on past conflicts and deriving effective conflict handling guidelines. The Thomas-Killman model of conflict responses is utilized to facilitate a reflective discussion and initiate a conversation around conflict within the team.

Workshop steps


Request participants to reflect on team conflicts they've encountered. These conflicts can be from their current team or other teams, and within or outside the organization. Participants should do this individually, identifying as many significant conflicts as they can, even if it means going back a few years. They should write these conflicts in their notepads.


Using the recorded historical conflicts, request each person to individually rate them from 1 to 3. 1 = Conflict managed effectively 2 = Conflict managed moderately 3 = Conflict managed inadequately


Present the Thomas-Killman conflict management model to the group. You can use a video or other resources from your collection or the internet to help explain it. Have everyone think about the following questions individually, then share their thoughts in pairs or groups of three: 1. What reactions were displayed during the conflicts I recognized? 2. Which actions and behaviors successfully resolved the conflicts? 3. Which actions and behaviors failed to resolve the conflicts?


After discussing in small groups, request each individual to create 2-3 rules for efficient conflict resolution that they believe the group should adhere to moving forward. Encourage everyone to present their rules to the entire group and reach a consensus on a set that everyone is comfortable following. Document the agreed-upon rules and distribute them digitally.

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