2-40 people

Creating is an excellent method to explore ideas, unleash creativity, and challenge ourselves to explore new and inventive territories. Encouraging the individuals you are designing for to engage in the creative process can provide valuable insights into their thought processes, values, and reveal unexpected themes and requirements. Collages offer a simple, low-tech approach to inspire people to produce something concrete and articulate its significance to them.

Workshop steps


Ensure you carry collage supplies when meeting the individuals for whom you are designing.


Provide a creative prompt for the individuals you're designing for to create a collage. You could suggest themes like gaining control of their lives, envisioning their dream careers, or reflecting on their family dynamics.


Once they complete the collage, request them to explain its components, their meanings, and connection to the prompt. This way, you'll obtain a visual summary of your research and can utilize the collage to initiate more discussions or investigate new aspects in your research.

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