Coach Yourself out of a Funk in 3 Steps

2-10 people

At times, we all face challenges as humans. Life is a mix of opposites - good and bad, light and dark, happiness and sadness, with and without. Therefore, it's essential to have processes, tools, and methods to help us navigate through tough times and reach a better place. Even when things are going well, it's still beneficial to create a toolbox to strengthen ourselves and support others.

Workshop steps


In conclusion, ensure that your How Might We questions are not overly broad. It can be challenging, but an effective How Might We should provide a sufficiently narrow scope to guide the beginning of your brainstorming session, while also allowing ample space for exploring innovative ideas.


Step 2: Craft Your Vision Statement A vision statement represents your desired future. Once you've finished step 1, envision your ideal future - whether it's today, 3 weeks, 4 months, or 2 years from now - it's up to you! Ask yourself, "What do I truly desire?" Happiness? Mental/physical health? Positive habits? A relationship? Improved balance? New abilities? Connecting with others? Serving others? Anything else? Now, formulate an uplifting statement. Keep it brief for easy memorization. Having trouble? It's alright if you're uncertain about your desires… Take it one step at a time. Ask yourself, "How do I want to feel?" Joyful? Self-assured? Peaceful? Well-rested? Healthy? Capable? Supportive? Anything else? Consider who you admire. This could be someone you know or don't know, a historical figure, a fictional character, a superhero, a spirit animal - any inspiring figure with qualities you respect. What qualities do they possess? Identify those and choose something that motivates you! Now, craft an uplifting statement based on the qualities you want to embody in your own life.


Step 3: Develop Reinforcing Habits It's time to adjust your actions. Establish a Small Habit (BJ Fogg). A Small Habit consists of: a personal action performed at least once a day, taking under 30 seconds, and demanding minimal effort. Example: I want to unwind more effectively at the end of my day. A Habit Formula After I... "take my nightly shower" (Anchor moment) I will... "disable all social media notifications" (Small Action) To solidify this in my mind, I will... "celebrate by praising myself for managing my own focus." (Celebration) To learn more about Small Habits, click here. Tell us your thoughts and enjoy the journey! Share this resource with others who might need assistance in their well-being area!

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