Co-Creation Session

2-40 people

During your project, you will interact with many individuals, and a Co-Creation Session is an excellent way to receive feedback on your ideas. The objective of a Co-Creation Session is to gather a group of individuals you are designing for and involve them in the design process. You are not only listening to their opinions, but also empowering them to collaborate with you. You can work together to create services, explore community dynamics, determine the name and logo of your solution, and gain valuable insights into all aspects of your solution. By involving the community in the creation process, they are more likely to adopt the practice or service, resulting in a successful outcome.

Workshop steps


Begin by determining the participants for your Co-Creation Session. It could be a select few individuals you've previously interviewed, or a specific demographic such as teenagers, female farmers, or unemployed individuals.


Identify the desired participants, set up a space, gather essential materials (such as pens, Post-its, paper, and possibly art supplies), and extend an invitation for them to attend.


Maximize the effectiveness of a Co-Creation Session by utilizing Conversation Starters, engaging in Brainstorming, participating in Role Plays, implementing Rapid Prototyping, or involving your group in other activities to address the issue you aim to resolve.


Gather the input provided by your group members. The aim is not only to listen to their opinions but also to involve them in your design process. Ensure that you treat your Co-Creation participants as designers rather than interviewees.

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