Circle of Influence

2-40 people

The workshop aims to assess team priorities and determine which areas to concentrate on as a group and as individuals. It encourages members to contemplate where they can make the most significant impact and exert their influence. Utilize this workshop to fine-tune priorities and foster a sense of ownership among team members.

Workshop steps


Ensure all group members comprehend the fundamental concept and its application in this workshop. Illustrate Covey's circles on a whiteboard, flipchart, or virtual platform. Ask participants to note down (using sticky-notes, virtual or physical) Aspects that significantly impact the team, both internally and externally. Participants can broadly define these aspects and include anything relevant. Write one aspect per sticky note and generate as many as possible within 5-10 minutes.


Instruct the group to attach the sticky notes to the circles individually, determining if each item belongs in the circle of influence or the circle of concern. Encourage the rest of the group to contribute their thoughts and assistance during this process, making it a team effort. Group together any identical or similar items and eliminate duplicates.


Begin a conversation and encourage the group to ponder and talk about these questions: - What do I/we notice or feel when examining our circles of influence? - What steps can I/we take to impact the aspects I/we can control? - How can I/we connect with the elements in our circle of concern that we have minimal or no control over? - How can I/we reassess my/our priorities based on this introspection? Take note of any actions resulting from this conversation in a separate area. Each action should have a clear definition, a deadline, and an assigned person. Utilize the Who/What/When Matrix to assist with action planning.

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