Card Sort

2-40 people

A Card Sort is a simple and efficient method to initiate a discussion about the priorities of the individuals you are designing for. By providing a set of cards, each with a word or image, and requesting them to arrange them in order of preference, you can obtain valuable insights into their true concerns. Additionally, the Card Sort activity can be utilized to initiate a more profound dialogue about their beliefs and reasons behind them.

Workshop steps


Create a deck of cards for the card sort. Choose either a word or an image for each card, ensuring it's simple to comprehend. Opt for images if the participant speaks a different language or is unable to read.


While customizing your card deck to fit your specific research goals, ensure that you combine tangible concepts with abstract ones. Gain valuable insights into how the person you're designing for perceives the world by making this activity more than just a basic ranking.


Now, hand over the cards to the individual you're designing for and request them to arrange the cards based on their priority.


Try out a few variations of this technique for better results: Rather than requesting the individual you're designing for to prioritize the cards, let her organize them as she prefers. You might be amazed by the outcomes. Additionally, consider presenting various situations. Inquire how she would categorize the cards if she had more funds, was older, or resided in a large city.

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