Bundle Ideas

2-40 people

Bundling Ideas is a process that helps you transform individual concepts into substantial solutions. It's like a game of mixing and matching, where the ultimate objective is to combine the strongest aspects of multiple ideas to create more intricate concepts. As you progress, you may observe that some ideas share similarities, which is advantageous. Merge them, eliminate the ineffective ones, and streamline your thoughts into a few concepts that you can confidently present to others.

Workshop steps


You have numerous sketches and concepts displayed on the wall; it's time to rearrange and combine them to create more intricate solutions.


Begin by grouping similar concepts together. Discuss the top features of these groups and merge them with other groups.


Begin creating clusters from the discovered Themes and patterns. Concentrate on converting your observations into practical actions, instead of merely recognizing similar concepts.


After forming several idea clusters, consider how the top aspects of your thoughts could function within a system. Now, you're transitioning from single ideas to comprehensive solutions! Utilize the "Develop a Concept" exercise to advance these ideas further.

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