Build Partnerships

2-40 people

During the Implementation Phase, it's important to recognize that you may require the support of various partners. To determine the funding partners necessary, the Funding Strategy and Sustainable Revenue approaches can be utilized. Additionally, the Business Model Canvas and Capabilities Quicksheet can provide a comprehensive overview of launching your concept. The primary objective is to identify the types of partners required and initiate the process of establishing relationships with them.

Workshop steps


Gather your design team along with other essential stakeholders and collaborators. Ideally, these individuals should have previously contributed to your Roadmap, Funding Strategy, and Sustainable Revenue.


Begin by brainstorming your main partnership requirements. Perhaps you need better press coverage or maybe you need to fundraise. Identify your needs.


Next, identify the essential partnership requirements and conduct another brainstorming session to determine who you already know and who you can connect with in your broader network.


While maintaining flexibility, begin establishing guidelines for your partners' involvement. Determine the required timeline for each partner, assess reasonable expectations, and set deadlines for their contributions.

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