Build a Team

2-40 people

For optimal results, human-centered design requires a team with diverse skill sets. While three business designers may suffice for a new social enterprise, adding a graphic designer, journalist, or industrial designer can introduce fresh perspectives and ways of thinking. While it's wise to anticipate the necessary talent for a project, relying solely on expected team members won't yield innovative solutions.

Workshop steps


First, determine the number of team members required, check your staff's availability, and set the start and end dates for your project.


Examine your team's core members, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and make necessary adjustments.


Do you require a specific technical skill that your current team lacks, such as mechanical engineering, graphic design, or professional writing? Keep in mind that you can always bring in a team member temporarily when their expertise is crucial.

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Anna Lundqvist portrait
Anna Lundqvist
UX Designer and AI Ethics Strategist guiding innovative product development and educational workshops
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Eddy Salzmann
Design lead and team culture enthusiast driving products and design processes
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Ola Möller
Founder of MethodKit who has a passion for organisations and seeing the big picture
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