Brainstorm Rules

2-40 people

We've all experienced unproductive brainstorming sessions. The objective is not to find the perfect idea, but to generate numerous ideas through collaboration and openness to unconventional solutions. It's counterproductive to have someone who only focuses on why the existing ideas won't work, as it stifles creativity and shifts the group's mindset from generative to critical. The key to generating good ideas is to have a plethora of options to choose from.

Workshop steps


Postpone judgment. A great idea can emerge from anywhere. Ensure everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and encourage others to expand on them.


Promote unconventional thoughts. These thoughts can frequently lead to imaginative breakthroughs. By considering ideas that are bizarre or unusual, we usually reflect on our true desires without being limited by technology or materials.


Enhance other people's ideas. Develop the ability to be optimistic and expand on others' thoughts. During discussions, aim to use "and" rather than "but."


Maintain concentration on the subject. Ensure the conversation stays on track, or else it may deviate beyond the intended design scope.


Focus on one discussion at a time. Your team has a higher chance of expanding on a concept and achieving a creative breakthrough if everyone fully concentrates on the person presenting a new idea.


Use visuals. During live brainstorming sessions, write ideas on sticky notes and place them on a wall. Quickly convey ideas through drawings, regardless of your artistic skills.


Aim for a high quantity of new ideas. Strive to generate up to 100 ideas within an hour. Produce ideas rapidly and focus on improving the best ones.

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