2-40 people

Utilize Brainstorms as a means to access a vast pool of knowledge and creativity. It is recommended to conduct them not only with your design team, but also with your partners and the individuals you are designing for. While adhering to the Brainstorm Rules for optimal results, it is important to prioritize openness, generating numerous ideas, and creativity over immediate feasibility. A positive, optimistic, and focused group dynamic is essential for successful Brainstorms.

Workshop steps


Distribute pens and Post-its to all participants, and ensure there is a sizable paper, wall, or whiteboard available for attaching them.


Before beginning, go over the Brainstorm Rules.


Ask the group the question or topic you'd like them to respond to. Make it more effective by writing it down and displaying it for everyone to see.


When someone has an idea, ask them to explain it to the group while placing their Post-it on the wall or board.


Create a multitude of ideas.

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