Body Language

2-40 people

During an interview, it's crucial to comprehend the experiences, needs, and desires of the person you're designing for. Your body language can significantly impact this process. Although it may seem straightforward, maintaining good eye contact, nodding, and smiling to reinforce what the person is saying, and providing non-verbal cues to validate what you're hearing can be influential. Active listening is just as vital as the questions you ask. While building empathy, it's tempting to interject with phrases like "I understand how you feel" or "something similar happened to me" or even offer advice. However, your role is to listen and record precisely what the person is telling you, not to insert yourself into the conversation. Here's how to communicate through your body language.

Workshop steps


Make sure to position your body at the same level as the interviewee. Sit next to them if they're on the floor, or stand facing them if they're at a market.


Establish and maintain eye contact. Show a smile and nod your head to convey that you are actively listening and giving them your complete focus.


Jotting down notes serves as a tangible signal to the individual that you are attentively listening and valuing their words.


It might be tempting to share a personal story during a quiet moment. However, concentrate on the individual you're interviewing and ensure they remain the focal point.


Develop a connection with the individual you're designing for, as they do the same with you. They might seek your guidance on a problem, but keep in mind that your role is to observe and gain knowledge, not to provide solutions.

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