10-40 people

Bang is a fun group game that requires quick reactions to avoid elimination. Played in a circle, one person acts as the "sheriff" in the middle and points at other players who must swiftly crouch while their neighbors "draw". This game is perfect for generating laughter and can also aid in name-learning for groups who are just getting to know each other.

Workshop steps


Form a circle with the group. Have one person take the center position as the sheriff.


The sheriff swiftly turns around, points at someone in the circle, and exclaims "bang!" The targeted individual must crouch down quickly. The two people beside the target need to point at each other and shout each other's names rapidly. The slower person to call out the name is eliminated, unless the target doesn't crouch in time, resulting in their elimination. When only two players remain, they stand back-to-back in the room's center. The sheriff announces random numbers. On odd numbers, the pair takes a step apart. On the first even number, they quickly spin and shoot. The fastest shooter wins.


Revise the text to maintain the structure, while making it straightforward and easy to follow.

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