Back-turned Feedback

2-40 people

Constructive relationships and thriving teams rely heavily on regular and effective feedback. Openness fosters trust, which in turn promotes more openness. Feedback exercises are designed to help groups establish trust and openness, while also providing individuals with self-awareness and insight. It is crucial to approach feedback exercises with careful consideration and a keen understanding of group dynamics.

Workshop steps


Within a team or small groups, have each individual create feedback for every other member using these prompts: - Things I value in (person)... - What I'd like (person) to do more...


In a rotating manner, one group member sits facing away from the rest. The others discuss this individual in the 3rd person for a minute and a half, providing feedback as if they weren't present. The person receiving feedback takes notes on what they hear. Continue this process, giving each person a chance to participate.


Once everyone has had their turn facing away from the group, allocate a few minutes for all members to examine and contemplate the feedback received. Conclude the activity by having each individual share one or two feedback points they plan to implement and apply in some manner.

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