Appreciative Inquiry: Root Causes of Success

10-40 people

In under an hour, any group can compile a list of crucial factors that led to their success. This process can unearth hidden success stories and generate momentum for positive change within the organization. By identifying what currently works and uncovering the underlying reasons for success, the search for success can ignite positive progress.

Workshop steps


Provide a brief summary of the process, followed by specifying a theme or the type of story participants should share. Allow 3 minutes for this task.


Invitation Structure Request, "Kindly share a story about an instance where you collaborated with others to overcome a challenge, and you take pride in the achievement. Describe the story and the factors that contributed to the success. If possible, team up with someone you're not very familiar with."


In pairs, participants should alternate between conducting an interview and sharing a success story. Focus on the factors that contributed to the success. Allocate 7-10 minutes per person, for a total of 15-20 minutes.


Form groups of 4 people, and have each person share their pair partner's story. Encourage participants to listen for patterns in conditions/assets that contribute to success and take note of them. Allocate 15 minutes for this activity.


Gather ideas and trends from the entire group and display them on a flip chart. Provide a summary if necessary. Allocate 10-15 minutes for this task.


Inquire, "In what ways are we investing in the assets and conditions that promote success?" and "What chances do you notice to enhance our efforts?" Utilize the 1-2-4-All! method to engage in a conversation about these questions. Allocate 10 minutes for this activity.

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