Appreciation Train

10-40 people

This activity is beneficial in fostering group unity, establishing interpersonal connections, and cultivating trust. Individuals face each other and are given half a minute to provide positive feedback to their partner. The group then rotates until everyone has had the opportunity to give feedback to each other. This exercise is commonly employed as a concluding activity to generate a sense of enthusiasm and motivation.

Workshop steps


Begin the activity by stating that this is a quick and enjoyable way to provide appreciative feedback. Each person will give positive feedback to everyone else in the group, starting with the phrase: "What I appreciate about you is..." Mention that the process might be a bit challenging at first, but by following the instructions, it should become easier and run smoothly.


Divide the group evenly into two lines, ensuring each individual faces a partner from the opposite line. In case of an odd number of participants, let one person stand at one end without a partner.


Designate one line as Left and the other as Right. Inform the participants that those on the left will have 30 seconds to provide feedback to their partners. When you yell SWITCH, the partners on the right will then give feedback to those on the left. Remind them to begin their feedback with: What I appreciate about you is...


Once both lines have provided feedback, loudly say "MOVE." Everyone should take a step to their left and face a new partner. Think of the two lines as a chain, with people at the end of each line moving to the other line. If done correctly, everyone will have partnered and given feedback to everyone else. Depending on the group size, sometimes there may be a person at one or both ends without a partner. This is normal. Ask them to stand and reflect for a moment before moving to their next partner when you say "move" again.


Once everyone is done, gather the group for a brief conversation regarding their feelings about giving and receiving feedback. If anyone missed out on providing or getting feedback, kindly encourage them to do so after the session.

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