Apple-Drawing Ideation

2-40 people

This straightforward activity aims to showcase three fundamental principles that can aid in fostering creativity and generating ideas: the importance of quantity in achieving quality, the value of building upon the ideas of others, and the tendency for our ideas to be similar. The exercise involves small groups standing and sketching apples, and concludes with the entire group reflecting on their experience and drawing out insights and takeaways.

Workshop steps


Divide the participants into groups of 4-6 people. Create grids with about 30 squares on flipchart paper for each group (consider preparing this before the session).


Present the activity to the groups, mentioning that it's an easy exercise designed to establish principles for creativity and idea generation. Emphasize that it encourages divergent thinking and is enjoyable. Instruct them to work quietly for 10-15 minutes, creating as many unique apple drawings as possible.


Each group should have pens/markers, preferably in various colors. Allocate 10-15 minutes for them to complete their grid. Begin at the top-left square and have group members take turns drawing unique apples. Maintain complete silence during this activity. Consider playing soothing background music.


Cease the activity once every grid and square is occupied, or when time is up.


Allow the groups 2-3 minutes to talk about the experience and extract lessons and understanding from the activity. You can pose reflective questions such as: How did you find this exercise? What can we discover about creativity through this activity? What are some key ideas we can derive from this?


Gather the groups and combine their grids in a central location, forming a horseshoe shape around it. Pose the same questions from Step 5 to the entire group and engage in a discussion about their responses. Emphasize the similarities among the groups. As participants contribute, underscore these crucial takeaways: quantity leads to quality; expanding on others' ideas; and the ideas we generate are typically quite similar.

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