Analogous Inspiration

2-40 people

Teams often rely on their intuition to make creative breakthroughs. While it may seem odd to visit an Apple store when designing for those in challenging circumstances, it could lead to discovering the key to a memorable customer experience or a compelling product arrangement. Analogous Settings can help identify elements of an experience, interaction, or product, and apply them to any design challenge. Additionally, stepping away from the desk and immersing oneself in a new environment can stimulate creative thinking.

Workshop steps


Using a big piece of paper, write down the unique actions, habits, and feelings you want to investigate.


Beside each item, note a scenario or circumstance where you may witness this action, habit, or feeling. For instance, if the action is "utilize a gadget at the same time daily," similar situations could include the way individuals use alarm clocks.


Ask the team to vote on the site visits they want to observe for inspiration, and then organize an observation visit.


During your visit, focus on gaining a clear understanding of your objective, but also stay receptive to various sources of inspiration.

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