3 Question Mingle

2-40 people

This activity involves creating a set of questions to help a group get to know each other better. It encourages participants to interact with each other one-on-one and is particularly helpful in the initial stages of team building or when a group needs to reconnect after being apart for a while.

Workshop steps


Have each participant jot down three inquiries on separate post-it notes. These should be open-ended questions aimed at learning more about fellow group members. Offer a few examples, like: Which skill do you want to improve the most? Who do you admire in your life? When did you laugh the hardest? Motivate participants to be reflective, inquisitive, and imaginative with their questions.


Start mingling. After everyone has written their questions, it's time to mingle. Pair up with someone for a one-minute meeting and ask them one of your questions. Listen to their answer, then exchange questions. In each meeting, you'll swap one question with your partner.


Keep mingling for a set time, motivating everyone to meet each group member. If there's enough time, continue until all members have met each other.


Following the socializing session, ask attendees to place all their sticky notes on a flip-chart or wall, ensuring all questions are displayed. Encourage participants to view these questions and utilize them as conversation starters for further discussions during the event and beyond.

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