3 Action Steps

2-40 people

This session is designed to aid groups and individuals in achieving a desired change through small-scale strategic planning. Typically utilized at the conclusion of a workshop or program, the group collaborates to establish a shared vision and develop actionable steps to attain it. Additionally, the group identifies the scope of the challenge by examining the positive and negative factors that impact their progress.

Workshop steps


Introduce the session's objective: to create a vision for the near future and establish action steps to achieve it as a group or individually. Ensure everyone is seated comfortably with notebooks or paper and pens. Then, guide the group with these instructions: 1. Close your eyes and envision yourself six months from now. 2. Picture having achieved all your goals. Reflect on your accomplishments, work environment, relationships, and sources of happiness. 3. Provide participants with pens and paper to draw their future vision on the right-hand side of the paper. Limit them to 4 or 5 themes, using minimal words and as many visuals as desired. 4. If in groups, have participants discuss their individual visions and collaborate to create a shared group vision.


At the top of the page, instruct them to list a minimum of 5 beneficial elements that will aid them in achieving their vision. These can include people, opportunities, technologies, situations, and so on. If they are working in groups, encourage them to discuss and agree on these factors before proceeding further.


Instruct them to list a minimum of 5 elements at the page's bottom that will aid in achieving their vision. These could include individuals, opportunities, technologies, circumstances, and so on. If they are working in groups, ensure they discuss and agree on these factors before proceeding.


Begin by having the group or individuals discuss and outline the action steps. Instruct them to draw three boxes from the left side of the paper towards the vision on the right. These will represent the three major steps required to achieve their vision. If participants are working individually, pair them up to discuss their steps. If they are already in groups, they can continue discussing the steps together. In each box, have them write a step concisely, but with enough detail to make it clear to themselves and others.


To conclude the session, proceed with the following steps: 1. Gather the group members. 2. Request each individual to share their vision. 3. Ask them to mention one (or all three) action steps they plan to take. 4. Inquire about the first action they will implement upon returning to the office.

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