1, 2, 4, ALL!

10-40 people

By using the facilitated 1, 2, 4, ALL technique, you can easily involve everyone in a group, no matter how big it is. This method allows for faster and more productive idea generation, tapping into the diverse knowledge and creativity of all participants. The conversation flows freely, leading to quick sifting of ideas and solutions. The best part is that everyone takes ownership of the ideas, making follow-up and implementation a breeze. No need for complicated buy-in strategies, just a simple and elegant approach.

Workshop steps


Individual Reflection Take a quiet moment to think about a common problem, presented as a question (e.g., What are YOUR thoughts on improving this situation? How would you tackle this issue? What suggestions or steps do you propose?) 1 minute


Work in Pairs Come up with ideas together, using insights from your own self-reflection. Take 2 minutes


Form a group of 4 people Discuss and expand on ideas from your pairs within the group, noting similarities and differences. Spend 4 minutes on this activity


Present to the Bigger Group Inquire, "Which concept was most prominent in your discussion?" Every group highlights one significant idea to everyone (repeat process if necessary). 5 minutes


Facilitator Tips: Try incorporating these simple strategies into your session: 1. Encourage quiet self-reflection before starting paired discussions 2. Request participants to write down their thoughts during silent reflection 3. Use bells to signal transitions 4. Stick to strict timing and conduct another round if necessary 5. Limit the number of shared ideas to three or four in large groups during "All" 6. Assign a facilitator or harvester to record unshared output in large groups 7. Ask each group to share one unique insight without repeating others 8. Keep idea generation separate from whole group discussions 9. Delay judgment, visualize ideas, and be creative! 10. Switch to another form of expression (e.g., Improv, sketching, stories) when reaching a plateau 11. Enforce the rule of one conversation at a time in the whole group 12. Conduct a second round if the first one wasn't deep enough!

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