No. #70

Zero-sum Thinking
- Assuming a Fixed Pie

Zero-sum thinking is the belief that a situation is like a zero-sum game, where one person's gain is equivalent to another's loss. This perspective can influence user engagement in competitive environments, like marketplaces or multiplayer games, shaping how users perceive interactions and transactions.

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Product example

Users might perceive transactions in a marketplace app as win-lose situations, affecting how they negotiate or engage with others.

Empathy tips


Promote Positive-Sum Opportunities

Highlight opportunities where transactions or interactions can be beneficial for all parties involved.


Educational Content on Cooperation

Provide content that educates users on the benefits of cooperation and positive-sum thinking.


Feedback Systems for Transactions

Implement feedback systems that encourage fair and positive transactions.


Community Building

Foster a sense of community among users to encourage support and mutual benefits.

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