No. #65

Well-Travelled Road Effect
- Misjudgment of Familiar Routes

The well-travelled road effect is a cognitive bias where people underestimate the time taken to travel familiar routes and overestimate the time for less familiar routes. This can influence user experience in navigation apps, where estimated times and routes may be perceived inaccurately by users based on familiarity.

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Product example

Users might prefer familiar routes suggested by a navigation app even if they are not the fastest, due to underestimation of travel time.

Empathy tips


Accurate Time Estimation

Ensure navigation algorithms provide accurate time estimations for all routes.


User Familiarity Indicators

Incorporate indicators of route familiarity for users within the app.


Educate Users

Educate users about the well-travelled road effect and its impact on route choice.


Alternative Route Highlighting

Highlight the benefits of less familiar routes to encourage exploration and efficient travel.

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