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Tip of the Tongue
- Inability to Retrieve Known Information

The 'tip of the tongue' phenomenon is a common cognitive experience where an individual is unable to retrieve a known word, name, or piece of information, despite feeling that it is just out of reach. This can impact communication, learning, and social interactions, as it temporarily hinders the ability to convey thoughts or recall specific details.

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Product example

During a presentation, a speaker might struggle to recall a critical piece of information, impacting the flow and effectiveness of their delivery.

Empathy tips


Encourage Relaxation Techniques

Encourage individuals to relax and not stress over the inability to recall, as tension can further inhibit recall.


Provide Contextual Clues

Offer contextual clues or prompts that might help trigger the memory.


Practice Retrieval Techniques

Teach and practice retrieval techniques, such as association or breaking down the information into smaller parts.


Acknowledge as Normal

Normalize the experience to reduce anxiety and encourage a more relaxed approach to recall.

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