No. #166

Testing Effect
- Enhanced Memory After Retrieving Information

The testing effect, also known as retrieval practice effect, suggests that long-term memory is enhanced when some of the learning period is devoted to retrieving the to-be-remembered information through testing. This has implications for educational applications and any system designed to improve knowledge or skills, indicating that practice tests or quizzes can significantly boost retention.

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Product example

Language learning apps that incorporate frequent quizzes or recall exercises tend to have higher success rates in long-term language retention.

Empathy tips


Incorporate Practice Tests

Incorporate practice tests or quizzes into learning modules.


Feedback on Performance

Provide immediate, constructive feedback on test performance to enhance learning.


Spacing Retrieval Practice

Space retrieval practice over time to maximize the testing effect.


Personalized Testing Schedules

Offer personalized testing schedules based on user performance and retention rates.

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