No. #118

Sunk Cost Fallacy
- Commitment to Past Decisions

The sunk cost fallacy is the tendency to continue an endeavor once an investment in money, effort, or time has been made, leading to continued investment in a losing proposition rather than cutting losses. This can affect how users interact with products or services, particularly in cases where they've invested significant resources.

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Product example

Users might continue using a subscription service they no longer enjoy or find useful simply because they've already paid for it.

Empathy tips


Awareness and Decision Making

Promote awareness about the sunk cost fallacy and encourage rational decision-making.


Easy Exit Options

Provide easy options for users to change or exit commitments without feeling trapped by past investments.


Reminders of Current Value

Remind users of the current value and benefits of the service or product.


Encourage Periodic Reviews

Encourage users to periodically review their engagements and subscriptions to assess their current value.

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