No. #148

- Susceptibility to External Influences

Suggestibility refers to the tendency to accept and incorporate information from external sources into one's memories, beliefs, or attitudes, often without critical assessment. This bias can significantly impact user perceptions and behaviors, especially in contexts where information is presented persuasively or authoritatively, such as in advertising, news media, or social networks.

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Product example

Users might be more likely to believe product claims or reviews featured prominently on a platform, altering their purchasing decisions based on suggested information.

Empathy tips


Promote Critical Thinking

Encourage users to critically assess the information they encounter.


Clear Source Attribution

Provide clear attribution of sources for information to help users evaluate its credibility.


User Education on Media Literacy

Offer educational content on media literacy and the importance of questioning and verifying information.


Feedback Mechanisms for Accuracy

Implement feedback mechanisms where users can report misleading or inaccurate information.

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