No. #72

Subadditivity Effect
- Underestimating the Whole

The subadditivity effect occurs when the probability of a whole is judged to be less than the probabilities of its parts. This can affect how users perceive the value or risk of bundled products or services, potentially underestimating their total value or impact.

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Product example

Users might underestimate the total value of a subscription service offering multiple features, focusing instead on the value of individual features.

Empathy tips


Highlight Total Value

Emphasize the total value of bundles or packages to users.


Break Down Components

Provide detailed breakdowns of each component's value within a bundle.


Educate on Perception Bias

Educate users about how perception biases like subadditivity can affect their judgments.


Comparative Pricing

Use comparative pricing to illustrate the value of the whole versus the sum of its parts.

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